From our wonderful clients

“Learning drums has really helped develop Henry’s focus and gives him the drive to keep working on something knowing that eventually he will get there. Thanks for everything you do, he loves drumming!”

Tilly Shale

“Cooper has really enjoyed his lessons with Andy, he’s gained a load of confidence and looks forward to it each week.”

Ollie Ansell

“I’m very happy he has found music, an instrument, and a cool mentor. Balthazar came home played some of Seven Nation Army only last week, a song I knew but not by name, he has rock in his soul. “ 

Thomas Sanders Corridan

“Aidan absolutely loves his lessons. He has grown in confidence since starting to play the drums and his coordination is really improving as well. Many thanks for making my boy smile and wanting to show his skills to others.”

Fiona Black

“Alex is an absolutely awesome, enthusiastic drum teacher. My son Isaac has amazed us with how quickly he has learnt the basics, with an in-depth understanding of what he has learnt. Alex has tailored his learning to what he’s passionate about and Isaac can’t wait to see him each week! As a result, he practices almost every day and I can’t wait to see where he will be this time next year. Alex is also fantastic with communication and gives his students the opportunity to take part in performances outside their lesson.”

Dani de Croos

“Alex has been teaching my daughter for the last year and she’s progressed very well as a result. Alex has a great teaching style and passion for drumming which has rubbed off on my daughter (and even made me want to pick up a pair of sticks). I’d recommend Drum With Alex without hesitation.”

James Hope

“Alex has been teaching my son drums for a year now, passed his first grading and as a result, my little one is confident, and creative, uses drums every day after school as anxiety relief and to entertain friends and family. I am impressed by Alex’s consistency, dedication, organization and branding, his events mean the world to the children he engages with and gives everyone a good feeling inside. I recommend his lessons to anyone looking to build some confidence in their children.”

Simona Stratulat