School Guitar Lessons

you heard us right!

Without further ado, we’re excited to announce that we are introducing a brand new service! We’re expanding our musical horizons by offering (drum roll please)…guitar lessons! Alexa, play ACDC’s “Back in Black”.

Benefits to DWA guitar lessons

Like the drums, guitarists will see a harem of health benefits after they pick up the strings. Guitar improves working memory by adding more grey matter in your brain. So memorising chords to “Under the Bridge” isn’t just a pastime, it’s a literal brain workout. It also does wonders for your coordination, anxiety and energy levels.

“Cooper has really enjoyed his lessons with Andy, he’s gained a load of confidence and looks forward to it each week.”


What you RECEIVE

Lessons take place at your child’s school during term time.

Your child will enjoy:

  • 33 lessons per academic year with a friendly and local tutor.
  • Receive progress reports three times a year: at Christmas, Easter, and Summer.
  • Weekly practice goals will be set to encourage progress.
  • Your child will have opportunities to perform at school assemblies, concerts, and even at HMV Record Store.
  • Structured learning and/or learning of famous songs will be tailored to your child’s needs.
  • Optional exam preparation is available.
  • As a bonus, your child will receive a free tote bag and notebook.
  • All necessary equipment will be provided during lessons.
  • Receive weekly lesson email reminders to keep track of your child’s schedule.
  • Stay updated with a half-term newsletter.
  • Rest assured, we provide email support whenever needed.

Our tutors are all DBS checked, adhere to Drum With Alex’s safeguarding standards as well as those of your child’s school, and are fully insured for peace of mind.

Who it’s for

Our school lessons are ideal for complete beginners and we offer lessons for ages 5 and up.

New DWA students receive a free tote bag and practice notebook when they sign up.


Sound like something your child would love? Get plucking away to your favourite riffs by signing up for our FREE no obligation taster lesson!

School Guitar lessons FAQ

Where are guitar lessons taught?

Francis Baily Primary

Hambledon Primary School

St James’ CE Primary School in Emsworth

Wickham CE Primary School near Fareham

Will I learn on an acoustic guitar or electronic guitar?

Students learn primarily on an electronic guitar in lessons. But they also use an acoustic, too.

What will I learn?

Cool songs, riffs, instrument knowledge. And you get a crash course in notation, reading music and tabs!

What book do I need to buy?

The Rockschool Guitar Debut book. The link to buy it is here (Approx. cost £18).

Shall I buy acoustic or electronic?

It’s up to you. But an acoustic guitar will be quieter at home.

Can you recommend a good starter pack deal?

We recommend buying a 3⁄4 (three-quarter) size electric guitar. This guitar comes highly recommended. It comes with a mini-amp and accessories for £109.99 plus postage. A 3⁄4 size acoustic guitar is also fine.

Are the lessons individual or group?

Both are available!

20-minute individual lessons

30-minute group lessons

Do the lessons take place during school hours?

Yes, lessons taught at your child’s school are conducted throughout the school day. Children may miss some of their regular lessons, but teachers are informed and aware of their absence.

How often should I practise?

The frequency of practice depends on your goals and schedule. However, practicing a little bit every day is often more beneficial than longer sessions less frequently. Aim for consistency rather than quantity.

How much do lessons cost?

To ensure smooth payment processing, we kindly request that payments for your child’s lessons be made via monthly direct debit.

Our pricing structure is as follows:

30-minute group lessons at school: £33 per month
20-minute individual lessons at school: £49 per month

Additionally, we offer a sibling discount of 20%.

Please note that payments are billed in equal amounts over 12 months, including school holidays. This means that payments are still taken during months when lessons are not held, such as August.

If your child is starting lessons midway through a month, the remaining weeks will be calculated accordingly for your first month’s payment.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How many lessons are taught?

Your child will receive a total of 33 lessons throughout the academic year. Please note that there are no lessons conducted during school holidays.

We adhere to the 39-week school calendar and incorporate a 6-week lesson buffer to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances where lessons cannot be conducted, such as bank holidays, inset days, or SAT examination weeks.

What happens if the teacher is unavailable?

In the event that one of our teachers is unable to conduct a lesson, we will arrange for a suitable cover teacher to step in. The cover teacher will be briefed on the current material to ensure a seamless continuation of the lesson.

If, due to time constraints, we are unable to secure a cover teacher, a free lesson will be credited to your account, and a replacement lesson will be arranged at your convenience. Please note that cash refunds are not provided in such situations.

What happens if a student misses a lesson?

Unless the teacher is absent, all missed lessons will be charged for. Lessons will not be refunded or rearranged in the case of short-term illness, school trips or planned/unplanned absence (including non-emergency closures with less that 48 hours’ notice).

How are the lessons timetabled?

Lessons are arranged at varying times each half term to prevent any recurring clashes. Upon request, some lessons can be scheduled before school or during break times. Timetables for each term are emailed to parents at the beginning of term for your convenience.

How much notice period do we have to give if we want to discontinue lessons?

To discontinue lessons, a full term’s notice must be sent via email to Alex at This notice must be received within the first two weeks of the term’s commencement, and lessons will conclude at the end of that term.

Upon receiving your final notice, we will schedule your final payment before canceling the direct debit mandate. As payments are taken in equal monthly amounts throughout the year, there may be unused lessons remaining, which you can utilise before terminating your enrollment. We will settle your account via direct debit and subsequently close the mandate.