Private Drum Tuition 

Bespoke private lessons

Nervous about practising in front of people? Find yourself easily distracted in a group setting? Or do you need a little extra help in connecting to your inner Tommy Lee?

Drum circles are fun, but for some they’re distracting. And whilst enjoyable, learning something new can be intimidating. Drum With Alex understands this and accounts for its student’s diverse learning styles by offering private drum lessons.

Whether you want to play popular songs, prepare for exams or simply let off steam, our bespoke private lessons are uniquely tailored to your musical interests and goals.

Our refined sessions consider every beat of your learning journey through an intimate educational setting.

express your inner child

Pablo Picasso once said “every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Like Picasso, Drum with Alex knows that the inner child never wants to stop learning. And what better way to help your inner child express themselves than through drumming? You can beat down your anxiety as you pound that bass. Or dust away your brain fog when you’re tinkling that high hat. As the drums get louder, that annoying mental chatter gets quieter.

Look, we may be biassed. But drums foster creativity and gratitude for the present moment – regardless of age. The instrument reminds us that there’s no expiry date for learning something new. Or “superior” learning style. Or a designated amount of “natural talent” that’s required to play well.

I’m in! Where and when?

Our private lessons are held at Woolton Church Hall on Wednesdays between 4-7pm. Our hot cakes sold a little too fast and our private lessons are currently fully booked. But you can book in advance by joining our waiting list!

Are the lessons taught during the school holidays?
No! Lessons are taught term time only.