Terms & Conditions

This is a contract between parents of students and Drum With Alex. 


Whilst your school hosts the lessons, please note that all admin (emails, payment, timetables, etc) comes through Drum With Alex. 


We have due regard to the data protection act when in possession of parent and student contact and address details.


Drum With Alex teachers hold an enhanced DBS check and hold valid public liability insurance. 

Drum With Alex teachers follow the procedures and policies of your school.

We can take no responsibility for damage to personal property in or out of lesson time.


Drum With Alex teachers adhere to the safeguarding expectations of your school and participate in associated training when needed.

Please see a separate document about our safeguarding policy.


Payment for your child’s lessons is required via monthly direct debit. Lessons are billed every month. 

  • 30-minute group lessons = £33 p/m
  • 20-minute individual lessons = £49 p/m
  • 30-minute individual lessons = £66 p/m
  • 60-minute individual lessons = £129 p/m

Sibling discount is available at 20%.

You are billed equal amounts over 12 months which means payments are still taken during the school holidays (i.e., August when no lessons are given).

For your first month if starting midway through, the remaining weeks will be calculated and billed appropriately. 


In the event of a price increase, 2 months’ notice will be given, and you will be given the option to end your direct debit at the end of the notice period given by us if you decide not to continue with your lessons.  


A full term’s notice must be emailed to Alex (support@drumwithalex.com). This must be received within the first two weeks of the beginning of term. Lessons will then cease at the end of that term. 

After we receive your final notice, we will schedule your final payment before cancelling the mandate. Because the payments are taken by direct debits as equal monthly amounts throughout the year there may be a balancing payment to make from us to you, or you to us. (We will calculate how many lessons have been given and how much has been paid). We will settle your account and then we will close the mandate.


Your child will receive 33 lessons across the academic year. No lessons are taught during the school holidays.

We follow the 39-week school calendar and allow a 6-week lesson buffer for circumstances where we cannot teach lessons i.e., bank holidays, inset days, SAT examination weeks, etc.


Unless the teacher is absent, all missed lessons will be charged for. Lessons will not be refunded or rearranged in the case of short-term illness, school trips or planned/unplanned absence (including non-emergency closures with less that 48 hours’ notice).


Should one of our teachers not be able to take a lesson a suitable cover teacher will be provided who will be notified of current material. If we can’t find one due to time constraints, a free lesson will be credited to your account and rearranged for you. Cash refunds are not given.


We understand if your circumstances change, we can look at a different timeslot however this is subject to teacher availability. 


Lessons are taught throughout the school day. Children will miss some of their normal lessons. Teachers are aware. 

Lessons will be timetabled at different times each half term to ensure the same lesson is not missed. Some lessons may be scheduled before school or during break times if requested. Timetables are emailed to parents at the beginning of term. 


Exams are optional and they take place throughout the year. Parents apply and pay online via the exam website. 


Pupils are required to have the correct instrumentation for their instrument lesson. Please contact Alex for advice (support@drumwithalex.com). We do not provide instruments for hire.


Teachers will feedback to parents via email or by a practise notebook. 


Children should practise regularly at home to ensure continual progression between lessons.


It is expected that all students and parents adhere to a respectful manner whilst in lesson time, and respect the teacher and equipment.


If students require extra lessons at any point, you will be able to buy ‘pay as you go lessons’ by arrangement with Alex. 


  • 30-minute group lessons = £12
  • 20-minute individual lessons = £18
  • 30-minute individual lessons = £26
  • 60-minute individual lessons = £50

CLOSURES 2023/24

  • October Half Term = 1 week
  • Christmas Holidays = 2 weeks
  • February Half Term = 1 week
  • Easter Holidays = 2 weeks
  • May Half Term = 1 week
  • Summer Holidays = 6 weeks


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