School Drum Lessons

flexible, friendly and downright fun!

We understand how busy life can get for your youngsters. So we seamlessly fuse drumming into your child’s schedule by offering individual and group lessons at their school during the day.

Whether they’re keen on learning famous songs or want to prepare for exams, our school sessions are uniquely tailored to your child’s personal goals.

“Learning drums has really helped develop Henry’s focus and gives him the drive to keep working on something knowing that eventually he will get there. Thanks for everything you do, he loves drumming!”

Tilly Shale

What you get

Lessons are hosted at your child’s school during the term time.

  • 33x lessons an academic year with a friendly and local tutor 
  • 3x progress reports – Christmas, Easter, and Summer
  • Weekly practise goals  
  • Performance opportunities – school assembly’s, concerts, and HMV Record Store
  • Structured learning and/or famous song learning  
  • Exam preparation (exams are optional)
  • Free tote bag and notebook
  • Use of equipment during lessons  
  • Weekly lesson email reminders
  • Half term newsletter 
  • Email support 

All tutors are DBS checked, follow the safeguarding expectations of Drum With Alex and your school, and are fully insured.

Who it’s for and how to begin…

Our school lessons are ideal for complete beginners and we offer lessons for ages 5 and up. The only equipment needed to start are drumsticks (£5 approx) and The Rockschool Drums Method Book (approx £18).

New DWA students receive a free tote bag and practice notebook when they sign up.


Sound like something your child would love? Let us help them realise their (Ringo) Starr potential by signing up for our FREE no obligation taster lesson!

School drum lessons FAQ

Do I need to buy a drum kit immediately?

Not to begin with. Our founder didn’t have a kit for his first 2 years of learning, until his parents gave in! We recommend buying a kit after about 3 months of lessons.

I don’t have a drum kit. Can I still practise?

Yes! Pots and pans, pillows and cushions are your best friend for this.

What drumsticks do I need?

Sizes 7a or 5a are fine.

Are the lessons individual or group?

Both are available!

Individual (Schools) – 20 mins.

Group lessons (Schools) – 30 mins.

How much do lessons cost?

Payment for your child’s lessons is required via monthly direct debit.

30-minute group lessons = £33 p/m

20 minute individual lessons = £49 p/m

Sibling discount is available at 20%.

You are billed equal amounts over 12 months which means payments are still taken during the school holidays (i.e., August when no lessons are given).

For your first month if starting midway through, the remaining weeks will be calculated and billed appropriately. 

How many lessons are taught?

Your child will receive 33 lessons across the academic year. No lessons are taught during the school holidays.
We follow the 39-week school calendar and allow a 6-week lesson buffer for circumstances where we cannot teach lessons i.e., bank holidays, inset days, SAT examination weeks.

What happens if a student misses a lesson?

Unless the teacher is absent, all missed lessons will be charged for. Lessons will not be refunded or rearranged in the case of short-term illness, school trips or planned/unplanned absence (including non-emergency closures with less that 48 hours’ notice).

What if the teacher is absent?

Should one of our teachers not be able to take a lesson a suitable cover teacher will be provided who will be notified of current material. If we can’t find one due to time constraints, a free lesson will be credited to your account and rearranged for you. Cash refunds are not given.

How much notice period do we have to give if we want to discontinue lessons?

A full term’s notice must be emailed to Alex ( This must be received within the first two weeks of the beginning of term. Lessons will then cease at the end of that term. 
After we receive your final notice, we will schedule your final payment before cancelling the mandate. Because the payments are taken by direct debits as equal monthly amounts throughout the year there may be unused lessons which you can use up before you leave us. We will settle your account via direct debit and then we will close the mandate.

Are the lessons taught during the school day?

Yes. Lessons are taught throughout the school day. Children will miss some of their normal lessons. Teachers are aware. 

How are the lessons timetabled?

Lessons will be timetabled at different times each half term to ensure the same lesson is not missed. Some lessons may be scheduled before school or during break times if requested. Timetables are emailed to parents at the beginning of term. 

What drum book do I need?

The Rockschool Method book is awesome for complete beginners. It costs around £18 and is available online.

It’s been 3 months – should I get my own drum kit?

Honestly, yes. While you can still practise drums without a kit, nothing beats learning with your very own instrument. You might want to wait until you know drummings for you, but once you do – a kit’s a great investment. A new beginner acoustic drum kit costs around £199. Buying brand new or second hand are both fine.

Would I be better off with an electronic drum kit?

Electronic kits are awesome. Their small and compact structure lets you practise in smaller spaces. Those reduced noise levels lets you tap those pads to your heart’s content and stay on your neighbour’s good sides! The built in metronome and kit sounds features help you hone your skill, explore different sounds and get the most out of this wonderful instrument.

What brands can you recommend for beginner drum kits?

Roland, Yamaha or Alesis are brilliant for electronic kits. For an acoustic kit, you can’t go wrong with Pearl, Natal, Mapex, Tama, or Yamaha. Our favourite online shop is Gear4Music – they stock a wide range of equipment that considers drummers of all abilities. And the prices are even better!

What’s a good shop or site for drum gear?

If you’re looking for a drum shop specialist, Graham Russell Drums in Fareham, Hampshire is the best place to go. It happens to be the UK’s biggest drum store. And drummer’s heaven. Seriously – it’s that good. Whether you’re a seasoned drummer or just starting out, their lovely staff are itching to share their guidance and advice.

What do I need to look out for when buying a second hand kit?

Before buying a second-hand kit, always make sure to check out its overall condition. Before you part with your cash, ask yourself: is there anything missing? Does it come with all the foot pedals? Does it include a stool? If you can, ask for advice from someone you know who has drum knowledge. Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great places to pick up decent second-hand kits.

How often should I practise?

The million-dollar question! Even if it’s for a few minutes, practising everyday makes a world of difference. Practising isn’t just using the drum kit. It’s listening to songs, reading a piece of music, watching a YouTube video, tapping on a table. You get the gist. Whatever floats your boat – it all counts!