Guitar Lessons

you heard us right!

Without further ado, we’re excited to announce that we are introducing a brand new service! We’re expanding our musical horizons by offering (drum roll please)…guitar lessons! Alexa, play ACDC’s “Back in Black”.

Benefits to DWA guitar lessons

Like the drums, guitarists will see a harem of health benefits after they pick up the strings. Guitar improves working memory by adding more grey matter in your brain. So memorising chords to “Under the Bridge” isn’t just a pastime, it’s a literal brain workout. It also does wonders for your coordination, anxiety and energy levels.

Get in touch to start plucking away to your favourite riffs!

Guitar lessons FAQ

Where are guitar lessons taught?

Hambledon Primary School, St James’ CE Primary School in Emsworth, Thorngrove School, Wickham C of E, and Francis Baily Primary.

Will I learn on an acoustic guitar or electronic guitar?

Students learn primarily on an electronic guitar in lessons. But they also use an acoustic, too.

What will I learn?

Cool songs, riffs, instrument knowledge. And you get a crash course in notation, reading music and tabs!

What book do I need to buy?

The Rockschool Guitar Debut book. The link to buy it is here (Approx. cost £17).

Shall I buy acoustic or electronic?

It’s up to you. But an acoustic guitar will be quieter at home.

Can you recommend a good starter pack deal?

We recommend buying a 3⁄4 (three-quarter) size electric guitar. This guitar comes highly recommended. It comes with a mini-amp and accessories for £99.99 plus postage. A 3⁄4 size acoustic guitar is also fine.

Are the lessons 1-1 or group?

Both are available! £15 for a 1-1 20 mins session. Or £11 for a 30 mins group session.

Are the lessons taught during the school day?

Yes. Your child will miss some of their classroom lessons. But the timetable is rotated every half term so children don’t miss the same lesson each week.

What are the lesson terms and conditions? (I.e. if you miss a lesson)

Lessons missed during school time due to short term illness, school events/trips or last-minute absences or cancellations will not be refunded or rearranged. This includes non-emergency school closures with less than 48 hour’s notice given to us.

However, if a tutor misses a lesson, it will be fully credited back to you the next half term.

Lesson payment is due before your child’s first lesson back after each half term. The ongoing support and respect from our wonderful clients enables Drum With Alex to keep going. We understand that life can get hectic – but please remember to show our small business some love and pay on time!

How often should I practise?

Ah, the million-dollar question! But a few minutes a day goes a long long way!