Corporate Teambuilding

connecting creatively through the power of percussion

Working remotely is awesome. But this shift away from the office can make team bonding feel like a far away memory. As remote work rises in popularity, team morale decreases. Has your team been crying out for some organic quality time? Fancy connecting with your coworkers in a different way? One that transcends “knocking a few back at the pub” and helps your overall well-being? Our corporate team building sessions sound like just what you’re looking for.

Turn every team into a tribe

Use the power of drums to tap into your hidden tribal instinct and strengthen your coworker connections.

“What makes group drumming special?” you ask. Despite their “hippie-dippie” persona, drum circles have been bringing people together for thousands of years. You get in tune with each other by sharing a rhythm. The drums trigger feelings of gratitude, closeness and achievement amongst your team as you work together to keep up with the track.

If you want to increase the communal spirit, strengthen your working relationships or simply try something different with your coworkers, our corporate team building sessions are designed to turn every team into a tribe.

corporate workshops FAQ

What equipment is included in the session?

Drumsticks, practice pads and electronic drum kits

What do the drumming workshops cover?

The lesson delves into drumming techniques and drumming exercises. We incorporate games and interactive videos to aid the learning experience

How does drumming help your mental health?

There is so much drumming can do for you! But when it concerns mental health, drumming has been proven to increase mindful awareness, lesson stressful feelings and even decrease complicated PTSD symptoms.